Detect Harmful Contaminants in Your Home

We can enhance your indoor air quality in Glendale, Grants Pass, & Medford, OR

When mold and asbestos linger, your indoor air quality suffers. Asbestos Specialties inspects your home for dangerous chemicals. With a focus on mold inspection, mold remediation and asbestos testing, we evaluate the safety of your home and determine any next steps you need to take.

Air quality has a huge impact on your health. It also affects your mood. If you constantly have to deal with unpleasant odors and moist air, you probably don't feel comfortable in your own home. We'll fix that.

Call today to take the first step toward better indoor air quality in Glendale, Grants Pass, & Medford, OR.

We also serve Douglas County, Josephine County, & Jackson County.

Form a plan for mold remediation in your house

Mold remediation saves you from further exposure to fungi that can harm both you and your house. You can tell you need our help when you notice:

  • A moldy smell
  • Visible growth
  • Leaks in your roof
  • Breathing problems

Don't wait for mold growth to get worse. Call us now for mold remediation in Glendale, Grants Pass, and Medford, OR. We also serve Grants Pass and Medford, OR.

Why choose Asbestos Specialties?

When we started this company in 2012, we set out on a mission to make people in the Glendale and Grants Pass, OR area feel safe, happy and healthy in their homes. The only way to know for sure that there's no asbestos lurking in your walls is to schedule an inspection. We're available to conduct thorough investigations on any contaminants you fear.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, we know how to deal with any trouble that might occur. We strive to be honest and trustworthy, and we always look out for your best interests.

Reach out today to talk to an expert about mold remediation in Glendale, Grants Pass, & Medford, OR.

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