Don't Risk Undetected Asbestos in Your Home

Don't Risk Undetected Asbestos in Your Home

Rely on our asbestos testing services in Glendale, Roseburg, Grants Pass, & Medford, OR

Asbestos can cause lung tissue scarring and ultimately lung cancer. Protect yourself and your family by reaching out to Asbestos Specialties for our asbestos testing services. We'll examine your house closely for any signs of asbestos.

Every inspection we perform is in accordance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA). We'll check for asbestos materials and recommend a company to remove anything we find.

Call today to discuss asbestos testing services in Grants Pass, Medford or Glendale, Roseburg, Grants Pass, & Medford, OR.

Plan asbestos inspections before any remodels

Asbestos inspections alert you to hazardous materials you might stir up by demolishing walls in your home. You should schedule an inspection if:

  • You're remodeling an older building
  • You're looking to buy a new home
  • Neighbors have found asbestos in their homes

Stay safe by getting your house checked for asbestos. We'll educate you about the process as we search your home.

Contact us now to learn more about our asbestos inspections in Glendale, Grants Pass, Roseburg, & Medford, OR.