Make Sure You're Breathing Clean Air

Make Sure You're Breathing Clean Air

You can count on us for indoor air quality testing in Glendale, Roseburg, Grants Pass, & Medford, OR

If you or a family member starts getting sick or breaking out in rashes, the culprit could be your air quality. Asbestos Specialties completes comprehensive indoor air quality testing so you can breathe easy. We provide these services to residential and commercial locations, as well as churches.

We use the TO-15 method to check for harmful chemicals in the air. This test alerts us to:

  • Ethanol
  • Acetone
  • Chloroform
  • Chloromethane
  • Benzene

In total, there are about 150 compounds that the TO-15 tests can pick up. During our tests, which run between four and eight hours, we'll inspect the air and the carpet fibers to find chemicals that can cause problems.

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We conduct indoor pollution testing

Common household products like nail polish and hair spray release toxins into the air. Our indoor pollution testing brings awareness to chemicals in your home that can lead to illness and breathing issues.

We'll test for odors and trace amounts of harmful substances throughout your home.

Contact us now to request indoor pollution testing in Glendale, Grants Pass, & Medford, OR. We can also perform tests for property owners in Grants Pass and Medford.